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Monthly Wrap Up June 2020

Since it’s the end of June, I’m going to be talking you through all the books I’ve read this month and share some brief thoughts on them along with my ratings! This was a slow reading month for me because I’ve been swamped with online work for college.

You can check out last month’s wrap up here.

1. The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan ★★ — Whilst this was an all round fun book and it’s clear the stakes are getting higher, I don’t think there’s been enough character growth across the books and it feels a little immature despite the dark times ahead.

2. It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne ★★ — I couldn’t put this book down! It had me laughing at times and packed a surprisingly emotional punch at others. The mocking of movie clichés compared to the awkward reality of life was perfect.

3. The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux ★★ — This was a good book and the plot is amazing, but the writing doesn’t do it justice and falls a little flat. I think it’s especially hard reading this when the musical and movie are so acclaimed.

4. Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt ★★ — Another book I devoured in one night. It was lighthearted, funny and such a pleasant read with a real ode to fan culture, book lovers and conventions.

5. The Dare by Elle Kennedy ★★ ½ — I liked this, but it wasn’t what I expected from the synopsis. The dare and fake dating aren’t really major plot points like I expected. I appreciated the body positive message and a plus-sized main character though.

6. A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik ★★★ — The magic system was complex and the idea has potential, but it was beyond underwhelming as one of my most anticipated reads and I had to force myself to finish it.

• Read my full ARC review here.

7. You Say It First by Katie Cotugno ★★★ — It was cute, although I have no strong feelings on it. The characters were a little dull, not much really happened, albeit it felt very in touch with the times given the political themes.

8. *Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling ★★★ — I was more impressed than I expected by this. Even though it’s MG, I thought the writing was excellent and the pacing is well-timed. Of course I do struggle to connect with eleven year olds.

*Rowling is a known TERF and I do not support or agree with her. If I didn’t already own the books, I wouldn’t be reading the Harry Potter series. However, knowing it’s a big part of many people’s lives, I’d highly suggest buying second-hand when possible if you’d also like to start the series. You can read more about on if I think you can separate the artist and the art here.

TOP 3 BOOKS OF JUNE: It Only Happens in the Movies, Unconventional and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Let me know how many books you’ve read in June or what your favourite was in the replies below!

read it and weep,

5 replies on “Monthly Wrap Up June 2020”

Thank you! I hope so too. Although, I can admit that I’m awfully picky when it comes to my ratings 🙈


Great list! I recently read it only happens in the movies and loved it too. I thought Audreys narrative was so refreshing, I loved the humour and how nothing was sugar coated. Also the cover is amazing haha – I was intrigued by the mention of zombies. This was my first holly Bourne book, but I’d love read some more – do you have any recommendations? Here was my review, check it out 🙂

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I loved the cover too! It was also my first Holly Bourne club, but I’ve since read her ‘Spinster Club’ series. In terms of the feminism (it’s about three teenagers who form a feminist club), I had some criticisms, but it had all the humour of ‘It Only Happens in the Movies.’ I think she has a very distinctive writing style. My favourite of those that I read is probably ‘It Only Happens in the Movies’ still, but I did enjoy ‘Am I Normal Yet?’

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