10 of My Favourite Oddly Specific Book Tropes

After posting about 10 Things I Want to Read More of in YA Books and 10 of My Biggest Turn-Offs When Reading Books, I now want to talk about book tropes I like. Although, I’m not talking the standard slow burn or enemies to lovers, I’m talking about very specific scenarios that successfully send my heart into overdrive every time!

1. Secret societies.

There’s something about secret societies that’s inherently alluring. I think my love for this trope definitely stems from Gilmore Girls’ Life and Death Brigade. I always was #TeamLogan.

2. The boy falling in love first.

For some reason, the girl always falls in love first when I’m reading about a F/M relationship — maybe because we’re perceived to be more emotional and sensitive? There’s something so endearing about the boy being hopelessly in love from the start instead of being a stereotypical tough guy. In short, I want more simps like Peeta Mellark.

3. Masquerade balls.

The mystery! The sexual tension! The secret identities! The possibilities are endless at a masquerade ball. On the whole, I love any kind of big party event that gives the author an excuse to write descriptions of pretty ballgowns and dancing.

4. Unexpected love interests.

I love when a surprise player is introduced and it’s not always clear they’re going to be a love interest. I have more examples in TV shows than books sadly — Spike and Pacey are two love interests that left me shook when their respective relationships unfolded. 99% of the time, books make it obvious who the endgame will be.

5. The character punches a mirror and dramatically cuts their hair to mark some realisation or development.

This is a classic that gets a lot of heat, but it gives me such an adrenaline rush when I read it! I think it’s so badass and such a power move that when the character stops caring and has a total breakdown before remembering their worth. It’s always such a turning point.

6. The characters are doing something suspicious and are about to get caught, so they kiss.

This trope is my kryptonite. Whether the couple are in denial or they abhor each other, two people being forced to kiss to blend in or look inconspicuous makes me weak in the knees.

7. Drunken confessions.

When the character gets drunk to forget their problems and ends up spilling a dark secret or their true feelings? My heart flutters. There’s something about their inhibitions being low and their lack of filter that makes the scene so much more satisfying because you know they’re being so vulnerable and honest in that moment.

8. A character suppresses their power for a long time and essentially unleashes hell on earth in a fit of rage/sadness/grief.

I love when a character spends all their time hating themselves and their powers only to lose control. Especially when it’s born out of us such a strong burst of emotion that allows them to finally realise that they can wield their powers instead of fearing them.

9. Party scenes with truth or dare, spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven etc.

I don’t know why this gives me such a thrill, but something big always happens at a party. You can feel the build up to either a dramatic reveal or two characters realising their true feelings.

10. A character dying thinking someone important to them hated them.

This one is because I love pain. Someone’s last words being “I hate you!” or something equally as horrible that they didn’t mean is so heartbreaking. And sometimes that heartbreak makes for the best scenes. How does one come to terms with your last words to a loved one being something you can never take back?

What are your favourite oddly specific tropes? Let me know in the comments because I’m really interested in what everyone else likes to see in books.

read it and weep,

20 replies on “10 of My Favourite Oddly Specific Book Tropes”

I love the masquerades and the kiss to not look suspicious ones! I think I don’t have many specific tropes, but I would like to see more YA books of freshman year in college, because most books about this are NA.

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LOVE the unexpected love interest plot – I feel like I like it even more if it’s two side characters that I didn’t expect to get together but ended up together anyways?? Like so cute. Also I love the kissing-to-get-out-of-trouble moment, a true classic 😂 Loved this post!!

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AHHHHHH omg i love all these tropes and i was smiling so much while reading this. DRUNKEN CONFESSIONS are my WEAKNESS i just love them, so, much. i love seeing a normally sensible, closed off character completely forget their morals and boundaries and say shit they wouldn’t even dare to think sober. i love seeing them mess up relationships!! i also absolutely love ballroom scenes, no matter how “unnecessary” they are, there’s always so much tension when your otp dance?? together??

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YES YES YES. I totally agree that sensible characters getting really drunk and saying what’s on their mind is the best. And ballroom scenes can be unnecessary, but they’re aesthetically pleasing to imagine. ALSO, yes, all the OTP potential thrives.


Half Truths & Twisted Circles by Claire Contreras are really good if you don’t mind NA. They’re in the same series but they can be read as a standalone. The Ivy by Lauren Kunze is another NA. I loved it, but the sequel is low key a nightmare to find for a reasonable price so I never went past book 1. Deadly Little Scandals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is still on my TBR list and I’ve been told features a secret society. That’s YA and is a sequel to Little White Lies. LWL doesn’t have any secret societies, but it’s still good if you’re interested in the world of high society and the privileged in general.

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I don’t mind NA when I’m in the right mood, so thank you so much for these recommendations, they sound like the perfect guilty pleasure!

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